Our History

Established in Ghazir, since 1986, Al-mashtal, one of the major and largest Lebanese nurseries, occupies and cultivates an overall area of 35.000 m2. Protected by the surrounding mountains, the climate is temperate and has characteristics particularly suitable for growing many different species of trees and shrubs: from those typical of mild to cold climates, even numerous sub-tropical and tropical species.



Al-mashtal nurseries were founded to guide those wishing to appreciate that prestigious, generous, and capricious element called "garden", and to advise those longing to enjoy the eternal and charming art of gardening.

Al-mashtal nurseries exist for only 20 years; they are here to create in your home, kitchen garden, or yard, a green Eden, a heaven of beauty and happiness where you can rest in the shade of a willow tree... an oak tree or a cedar... lie close beside a rosebush... or under a vine ..."where the vine branch embraces the rose".

Al-mashtal horticulturists, gardeners, landscape architects, consultants, and agricultural engineers are true artists who match, coordinate, supervise and organize, just like a conductor, every detail that will turn your garden into a ballet of plants and flowers.They will bring life to your garden, and create a perfect entity where every tree, every flower, and indeed, even every blade is in its place.

Business Policy

We believe that our reason for being is fourfold:
• To fulfill the needs of our customers with products and services of highest quality and value.
• To attain a dominant or, at least a controlled position in our field.
• To deploy our financial and human resources in a manner assuring long term growth and prosperity.
• To return to Lebanon its natural beauty, by saving its environment, and keeping it clean and green